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Prior to his untimely passing in January 2021, Lorde Jones Scorcese was working on several different musical endeavours. On September 24th, his 40th birthday, we are humbly honored to release one of those projects in its entirety- Dungeon of Doom by Sons of Andre (Scorcese & Chumzilla).

In true Scorcese fashion, the album goes deep into the realm of professional wrestling. The album title Dungeon of Doom refers to a mid-90s WCW faction of the same name hell-bent on destroying Hulk Hogan. The group name Sons of Andre refers to The Giant (aka The Big Show, Paul Wight) who debuted as a member of the Dungeon of Doom along with the kayfabe origin story of being the son of wrestling legend Andre the Giant.

The soundscapes provided by Chumzilla are dark and full of aggressive emotion reminiscent of his days producing for Apathy as part of the Demigodz crew. Scorcese’s lyrics range from humorous to braggadocious to deeply introspective. Guest appearances are sprinkled throughout by the likes of Zilla Rocca, Alaska of Atoms Fam, Alex Ludovico and Poison Pen.

NOTE FROM CHUM: All proceeds will go directly to Scorcese’s family.

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