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Professional mix downs from your provided stems. The rate is per song and non-negotiable. Slots are limited per project (usually two per month and depending on length of the projects). Individual songs can expect delivery within a week of receiving the stem files. I will provide up to 3 revisions if needed.

What you receive in return:

  1. Two track mixed down song(s) in .wav format.
  2. Stems from my mix session(s).
  3. Reference mixes for approval in .mp3.
  4. Instrumental and acapella versions of your song(s)
  5. If requested, I will make clean/radio edits.
  6. Money back guarantee if satisfaction is not met.

Please see requirements for file delivery below.

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  1. Please no session files from your DAW. Not everyone uses ProTools or whatever. Me, I use Ableton Live. Even if we use the same DAW, please only send .wav files all starting from 00:00 so everything is aligned. I can’t stress that part enough because it is a major pain to piece together a together a session where things aren’t aligned properly.
  2. Keep the vocal tracks dry with NO PROCESSING. So no compression or anything, just the raw vocal signals. No reverbs, delays or any other effects. I need to be able to easily take care of any weird discrepancies within the recordings to give you the best product possible.
  3. I don’t care what you do to the musical elements so long as they’re aligned and not blown out. I’d prefer no reverbs or effects but if you want to provide stems that are dry and stems with effects, that’s perfectly fine.
  4. Provide BPM info as it can help with proper alignments and certain effects I might use like delays. If you have key information, it wouldn’t hurt to provide that as well, not necessarily needed.
  5. Use a reliable upload site. I preferĀ WeTransfer and Google Drive links are also exceptable.
  6. Compile your files into a .zip file. It’s easy to do on Windows and Mac with a simple right click on the folder that contains the stems.

Glen from Spectre Media Group has a great break down of this process:

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