Mastering Services


Professional mastering of your provided mixed song or songs. Slots are limited depending on length of projects. If it’s just one song I can deliver the master within the week of receiving your mixed song or songs.

What you receive in return:

  1. Mastered song(s) in .wav format.
  2. References for approval in .mp3.
  3. Up to 3 revisions if neccessary.
  4. Money back guarantee if satisfaction is not met.

Please see requirements for file delivery below.

NOTE: I don’t do “stem mastering”. That’s actually called mixing and is also a service provided here.

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  1. Song files must me lossless. Formats like .wav, .aiff are acceptable and preferred. Absolutely no .mp3’s. I’m trying to deliver the best possible quality.
  2. Make sure there is no processing going on the master bus of the mix. So no heavy compression or hard limiting as the sound needs headroom to move around with. Which brings me to…
  3. Make your mix is not redlining past 0db and it can cause distortion and make for a difficult master. Anywhere between -3db and -6db is the sweet spot.
  4. If sending multiple files please compile all of them into a .zip folder so I can get them all at once.
  5. Label your files accordingly. Best example: 01-ChumZilla-TheVisions.wav
  6. Use a file delivery system that handles large files. I prefer or Google Drive.

Chris Selim has a great video about preparing your mixes for mastering:


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